75th Anniversary WLA D-DAY Tour Sticker Set

75th D-Day

$ 5.00

Help support the 75th Anniversary D-Day Tour by buying this ultra cool sticker set. 

This June Doug Wothke, Greg Manders, Kelly Modlin, Jason Sims, and Scott Byrd will embark on a historical trip of Europe.  These 5 men will be shipping their1942 Harley Davidson WLA Military bikes from the United States over to France and will embark on a WWII motorcycle tour and partaking in festivities on the beaches of Normandy on the 75th Anniversary of D-Day.

Each sticker set consists of:

(1)  3" Round Sticker
(1)  4" Round Sticker

Stickers are high quality PVC and laminated to protect against the weather and sunlight


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